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Heavenly Hour Therapeutic Masage
(904) 778-5746

731 Duval Station Rd. Ste.107-252
Jacksonville, FL, 32218
United States of America

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Description: is a portal to teaching. Currently I primarily teach SomaEnergetics(TM) vibrational sound therapy. Phase 1 SomaEnergetics(TM) workshops teach you how to balance the 7 primary chakras using the original Solfeggio scale tuning forks which in turn can potentially have an effect on the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the body, mind, spirit. Phase two takes it a step further by introducing additional techniques and adding the body tuner forks.
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SomaEnergetics(TM), tuning forks, sound forks, Level 1 workshop, Level 2 workshop, Original Solfeggio energy tuners, chakra balancing, vibrational sound therapy, energy vitality technique, SomaEnergetics(TM) Solfeggio scale energy tuners and body tuners
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