Holly Strong Sound Therapy - Learn to be a SomaEnergetics™ Practitioner
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My name is Holly Strong, and I am certified sound therapy master teacher of SomaEnergetics™ and a licensed massage therapist (MA40911 MM15630).
I have worked with vibrational sound therapy for over 14 years now, and in August 2009 I introduced SomaEnergetics™ (a phenomenal sound therapy system) to my massage clients, family, and friends. SomaEnergetics™ is a powerful series of sound therapy that utilizes tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio that assists in balancing the body, mind, and spirit. I now offer workshops open to the public, as well as health care providers for phase 1, phase 2, and SomaTuners. I invite you to view the two videos below to see a brief demonstration of a quick tuning (top video) and energy vitality technique (bottom video).
Massage, Reiki and polarity therapists, holistic physicians, and energy workers around the country are using these custom-made tuning forks with the SomaEnergetics™ techniques to enhance their practices.
Since I have been using and teaching this system, I have  experienced a clearer mind, more energy, a structural re-balance, more vivid dreams, increased intuition, and just a better sense of well being and gratitude. 
I want to thank you for visiting and if you have any questions please contact me using the link at the left or call 904-778-5746.  



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