Holly Strong Sound Therapy - Learn to be a SomaEnergetics™ Practitioner
The SomaEnergetics™ workshops are NCBTMB approved provider #450637-08 as well as Florida approved provider #50-10569. All classes are limited to 12 students maximum.
Phase One Workshop   registration
Phase One gives you hands-on experience with the new and innovative SomaEnergetics™ Techniques, utilizing the latest technology. This breakthrough experiential workshop also explores the history of the rediscovered Ancient Solfeggio, energy connections between vibration & matter, the power of the numbers 3, 6, 9 and much more. The Ancient Solfeggio frequencies facilitate a sense of balance and harmony and reconnect you with your inner energy potential. In this phase, you will also learn the Energy Vitality Technique (EVT) which helps balance the entire body, mind, spirit, by balancing the main energy centers (chakras) of the body in a specific order/protocol. Just learning the first phase can have phenomenal results and is common for students to have a shift occur for themselves during the two day workshop. I have tuning forks available for use during class for those students wishing only to take a class to earn Continuing Education credits.
Pre-requisite: none
Workshop only: Registration $299 
Color Solfeggio energy fork set $199*
Phase One Workshop retake: $150
NCBTMB or FL 12 CE: $10 (for additional record keeping)
Phase Two Workshop   registration
Phase Two gives you hands on experience to expand your skills and give deeper results in your sessions. You will learn the SomaEnergetics™ Body-Mapping technique that helps identify emotional stress and how they manifest as energy disturbance and how to assist the body to clear the disturbances. Also you will learn how to use the body tuners on acupressure points, open the eye of enlightenment (so you can see through illusions of people-places-things) and open the heart chakra to remove old wounds so you can come from the heart more than the head. This workshop is mostly experiential and hands on from the very beginning. Phase Two is a fun and opening experience. I have tuning forks available for use during class for those students wishing only to take a class to earn Continuing Education credits.
Pre-requisite: Phase One Workshop
Workshop only: $299
Body tuner fork set $299 (retails $369)* 
NCBTMB or FL 12 CE: $10 (for additional record keeping)
SomaTuner Workshop     registration  
SomaTuner workshop has recently been created and released. This workshop is a stand alone workshop from the phase 1 and phase 2 and has no Prerequisite. This workshop is very easy to incorporate into your massage sessions to help wit trigger point release, general relaxation, pain reduction, better ROM, and loosen tight muscles.. In this workshop, you will learn how osteophonic tuners affect nitric oxide, how to use and choose a SomaTuner, about chakras, meridians, and acupoints, and method of muscle testing, You will also learn how to use SomaTuners with chakra stone for relaxation, for acupressure/potent points/trigger points, on the spinous processes, on meridian pathways, and additional areas.
It has been my experience that the SomaTuners work well on people as well as pets. My horse and dogs enjoyed the SomaTuners where as my cats seem to enjoy the energy tuners used in Phase One workshops.
Prerequisite: None
Workshop only: $299
Body tuner fork set $299 (retails $369)* 
NCBTMB or FL 12 CE: $10 (for additional record keeping)
Products available during class                                  
Color Solfeggio Energy Tuner set: $199 (retails for $299)
Color Solfeggio Body Tuner set: $299 (retails for $369)
Practitioner Apron: $60
Crystal Tuner: $30
OM Tuner: $50
Crystals and Pendulum: $6 each

* (all products subject to 7% sales tax)